LNK2 Enhanced Control

Faster from the Inside.

Wifi Module

  • Upgrades our most popular controllers making them fully accesible and programmable from iOS or Android compatible devices.

Take control.

ST8I-2.0 WIFI Irrigation Timer

Get them before they are gone!

While supplies last.

  • Compatible with: Amazon Alexa, Apple iOS 8 or greater
  • Controls watering up to 8 zones
  • Stay in touch with what's happening in your yard, even when you’re away from home

That’s The Intelligent Use of Water™.

Easy to Install Automatic Irrigation System

Everything needed to water an area up to 3,000 sq ft.


  • Waters your lawn automatically the whole season.
  • Attaches to an outside faucet and installs in one afternoon.

Smart Wifi Controller.

Self-adjusting technology reduces water usage up to 30%


  • ARC8 - 120 V - 8 Stations 
  • Use your mobile device to set, monitor and adjust schedules from anywhere!

ESP-TM2 - Controller Series

Simple, Flexible and Reliable.

WiFi Indoor/Outdoor

  • 3 programs and 4 start times available per program, you can tailor your watering schedule to your landscape’s needs.
  • Upgrade the ESP-TM2 into a WiFi-enabled controller by simply installing a new LNK2 WiFi Module.

Premium Hose Timer

Dependability on the clock, so you can be off the clock.


  • Sophisticated automatic programming flexibility along with an extra rugged design for worry-free outdoor watering all season.

That’s The Intelligent Use of Water™.

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