Drip System Expansion & Repair Kit

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  • Convenient and portable storage dispenser includes 250 ft. coil of 1/4 in. tubing
  • Parts organizer tray is filled with 112 universal drip irrigation devices: emitters, tees, couplings, plugs, stakes, faucet adapter
  • Includes 40 pressure compensating, self-piercing emitters: (10) 0.5 GPH, (20) 1.0 GPH, and (10) 2.0 GPH
  • Patented Emitter Installation and Removal Tool makes it easy to work with spot watering emitters as well as 1/4 in. barbed fittings
  • Trouble shooting guide provides tips on system maintenance, suggesting where common problems may occur and showing how to correct them by adjusting flow or fixing clogs and breaks

The Rain Bird Drip Repair and Expansion Kit provides the most commonly needed drip devices and tubing in a handy pail you can use season after season to keep any system watering efficiently or to extend drip irrigation to additional plants and adjoining landscaped areas. Easily repair tubing breaks using the pail's self-dispensing 250 ft. coil of 1/4" tubing and assortment of fittings. Adjust flow to growing plants by using the Emitter Installation Tool to add extra runs of emitters with appropriate watering rates. Replace non-working devices with Rain Bird's clog resistant, pressure compensating emitters. Or start a new drip zone from an outside faucet to water your flower boxes, patio container plants or a small bed. The pail features a refillable parts tray with snap-tight lid to keep everything organized. All components are the same high quality Rain Bird drip devices installed by professional irrigation contractors.

Rain Bird Drip System Expansion & Repair Kit User Manual and Instructions

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Operating Range Pressure rating: 60 psi
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