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Seasonal Tips

How to best prepare your irrigation system for the changing seasons.

Tips From Rain Bird To Help You Save Water, Time And Money in Your Yard

Protecting your system from the elements is crucial. We'll show you how.

Simple maintenance will keep your system running top-notch.

How to

Save up to 35% on water usage

A Rain Sensor automatically monitors weather conditions and adjusts the controller to turn off your system when it rains, saving water and money.

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Deliver Water More Efficiently in Your Yard

Adjustable settings put you in control of rainfall and freeze set points, with weather data updated every 45 seconds.

Take Control of Your Irrigation System

Designed for one person to easily set up, the intuitive, icon-driven controller interface makes programming a breeze.

Connect with Your System Anywhere

Enhanced antenna array provides superior signal reliability, even with line-of-sight obstructions.

Watering Basics

Start here to grow your knowledge and keep outdoor spaces thriving.

If you know how to take care of it, your lawn and garden can give years of enjoyment for surprisingly little effort.

Get familiar with automatic watering with our helpful overview.

Learn how each piece contributes to the success of your sprinkler setup.

We define common sprinkler components to help you better understand your system.

Look up common terms to gain mastery of your setup.

Get up to speed with a quick primer on sprinkler systems.

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