The Intelligent Use of

It’s not a compromise—it’s our guiding

We Are Pioneers in
Water Conservation

Rain Bird is the world’s largest manufacturer of irrigation technology, leading the industry with innovative systems designed to conserve water and maximize efficiency.

Founded in 1933, we’ve earned 450+ patents for our award-winning products, which are available in more than 130 countries. Our core values of quality, service and responsible environmental stewardship guide our mission to promote the Intelligent Use of Water worldwide.

How to Save

Reduce your water
consumption by as
much as 30%

Rebates may be available, check with your
local utility provider.

When is the best time of day to run my irrigation system?

Run your irrigation system early in the morning! Early in the morning has the least wind to affect spray patterns. It is also the coolest time of day and reduces evaporation

Look for signs you are watering too much or not enough!

Soft, wet or swampy areas indicate there is more water than the soil can handle. Check for leaks or reduce watering times. Limp grass or plants indicate too little hydration. Brown spots or plants may not be receiving any water at all - check your water spray in these areas


One outdated sprinkler system can waste more than 1 million gallons yearly. Rain Bird makes every drop count.

Our team of dedicated engineers develop technology that preserves our planet’s most precious resource. Taking into account droplet size, optimal watering times, and rates of evaporation, our systems offer ease of use with unrivaled efficiency.

Product Innovations.

Rotary Nozzles

Our precision systems control the spray where you need it for smaller yards, so the house, sidewalk or garage don’t get soaked too.

  • 18RNFPRO Full Patern - 13-18 ft.
  • 360 Degrees

Integrated Valve Module with Smart Valve technology.

The Award-Winning ESP-LXIVM Controller Is A Game-Changer

Did you know that 95% of system errors are caused by wire splices? Typical two-wire systems need 4 splices per module, meaning a property with 100 zones has 400 splices. The introduction of the IVM, cuts splices down to 2 per module


The perfect size for shrubs

Rain Bird’s Root Watering System

The right size for shrubs, the RWS reduces waste from irrigation water run off and promotes quicker plant growth.

  • RWSB1401 - Rain Bird Root Watering System

EPA WaterSense

WaterSense makes it easy to find and
select water-efficient products that can
help your wallet and the environment.

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