Bundle by Application: Flower Beds (Basic)

X14052, X54000, X50000, X67020, X33010 and X82100

This convenient kit contains all of the parts and tools needed for quick water solution specially created for Flower Beds.

  • Up to 60% water savings
  • No unsightly run off in high visibility areas
  • No damage to walls, entry way or cart paths from overspray
  • XF Dripline is easy to install, resulting in labor savings



This bundle contains:


X14052    RBY-100 MPTX MALE X MALE    RBY100MPTX    (1)
X54000    TS-025, TUBING STAKE 1/4"    TS025    (30)
X50000    DBC-025 DIFFUSER BUG CAP    DBC025    (30)
X67020    XBT20 6 MULTIOUT SHRUB XBUG    XBT206    (5)
X33010    XQ 1/4" BLANK 100' COIL    XQ100    (2)
X82100    PPC-200X XERI TUBE CUTTER    PPC200X    (1)

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More Information
Model RBY100MPTX, TS025, DBC025, XBT206, XQ100 and PPC200X
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