SQ3QTR - SQ Series Square Pattern Nozzle - 3/4 Pattern

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SQ Series Nozzle with 3/4 Square Pattern is pressure compensated ensuring a precise and efficient, low-volume spray for surface watering the perimeter of trees and shrubs, while avoiding the trunk. With the unique edge-to-edge pattern, coverage is achieved with only two nozzles, making them a cost effective solution.   Each nozzle can easily switch between a 2.5 ft. or 4 ft. throw to accommodate growth of the canopy over time.

With multiple installation configurations, this product is a versatile option for low volume applications.

Unique Pattern for Trees

  • Designed to precisely irrigate around the perimeter of trees and shrubs.
  • Also great for corners in narrow planting beds, parking lot islands, walkways, parkways, and street medians

Versatile Installation

  • Simplify design and installation with the flexibility of applications
  • One nozzle throws 2.5' or 4' (0.8 m or 1.2 m)
  • Can be installed on a variety of spray heads and risers

Savings - Water and $

  • Meets micro irrigation system requirement with less than 26 gph flow rate at 30 psi
  • Unique edge-to-edge capability reduces the number of nozzles needed, which decreases cost and dramatically reduces installation time.
  • Square spray pattern and pressure compensation offer increased efficiency and control, reducing overspray, property damage, and liability

More Information

More Information
Flow Rate 18 gph
Operating Range

Pressure: 20 to 50 psi
Required filtration: 40 mesh


0.75" diameter; 1" tall


Nozzle Pattern: 3/4 Square pattern
Nozzle Radius: 2.5 or 4 ft
Pressure compensating: yes

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