SQHLF - SQ Series Square Pattern Nozzle - Half Pattern

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  • SQ Nozzle, half pattern
  • Square spray pattern with edge-to-edge coverage allows you to easily design and install in small spaces
  • Pressure compensation design delivers uniform flow over the pressure range
  • Virtual no-mist performance from 20 psi to 50 psi
  • Available in 3 models: quarter, half, and full patterns with matched precipitation rate
  • Two throw distances in each nozzle; one simple click adjust to 2.5 ft. or 4 ft. (0.8 m or 1.2 m)
  • Shipped with blue filter screen (0.02" x 0.02") to maintain precise distance of flow, and to prevent clogging
  • Compatible with all 1800 Sprays, Xeri-Pops, PolyFlex Riser Adapter, UNI-Spray, and SCH 80 risers
  • Nozzle Radius: 2.5 or 4 ft
  • Nozzle Type: Fixed spray

The SQ Series is the most precise and efficient, low-volume spray solution for irrigation of small areas with dense plantings. The SQ Series' square spray pattern and pressure compensation offers increased efficiency and control, reducing overspray, property damage and liability.

Unique edge-to-edge capability reduces the number of nozzles needed, which decreases cost and dramatically reduces installation time. Simplify design and installation with the flexibility of applications: one nozzle throws 2.5' or 4' (0.8m or 1.2 m) and can be used on a variety of spray heads and risers. It even meets micro irrigation system requirement for less than 26 gph flow rate at 30 psi.

SQ Series nozzles provide up to 65% water savings, and are great for narrow planting beds, parking lot islands, walkways, parkways, and street medians.

More Information
Nozzle Pattern Square pattern
Nozzle Radius 2.5 or 4 ft
Nozzle Type Fixed spray
Nozzle Series SQ
Operating Range
  • Pressure: 20 to 50 psi (1.4 to 3.5 bar)
  • Flow rates: 6, 12 and 24 gph (22.7, 45.4 and 90.8 l/h)
  • Required filtration: 40 mesh
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