ET/1PK - Emitter Installation Tool

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  • The patented tool makes it easy to grip the small parts for insertion into the ends of 1/4" tubing or the sidewall of 1/2" tubing
  • An additional slot in the tool also allows removing any existing fittings you may wish to replace or plug
Place the Spot Watering Emitter on end of tool. Press barbed point into side wall of 1/2" Tubing. Pull tool away, leaving the Spot Watering Emitter embedded in tubing. Push 1/4" tubing onto the Spot Watering Emitter. To remove Spot Watering Emitters, use side of tool. 1/4" Tubing Plugs can be used to seal holes in 1/2" tubing. Use bottom of Emitter Tool to insert these plugs.
Note: The Emitter Tool also works with1/4" Barbed Couplings and with 1/4" Barbed Tees.
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