Smart Watering Bundle for Potted Tomato Plants

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  • Enjoy your own delicious home-grown tomatoes with this Rain Bird smart watering bundle designed for easy setup and use
  • Complete 17-piece set provides hands-free watering for up to four potted tomato plants
  • Quickly establishes new plants and keeps them producing red, juicy tomatoes all summer
  • Stays in place, eliminates hassling with hose and sprinkling cans
  • Simple installation in minutes: connect to faucet, cut tubing pieces, insert tees and place the four staked micro bubblers 
  • Includes pressure regulator for low-volume flow, gentle soaking of the soil
  • Full-circle bubblers adjust 0 to 13 gallons-per-hour (GPH) to suit different container and plant sizes
  • 50 ft of tubing allows you to reach containers in any arrangement
  • For ultimate convenience, add automatic watering with the Rain Bird Electronic Garden Hose Watering Timer 1ZEHTMR (purchased separately) 

If you enjoy growing tomatoes in pots or other small planters, this special collection of Rain Bird drip watering products will make it easy to keep your mini-gardens thriving. Complete kit installs in minutes, requiring only a pair of scissors to cut tubing in lengths to reach from the outside hose bibb to your containers. The tubing pieces are joined with tees and routed to each of 4 bubblers that you stake near the plants.

Fine-tune moisture in each container by turning the bubbler cap, adjusting flow from 0 to 13 GPH, 0 to 3 ft watering radius. Start with lower flow and watering duration for new plants, gradually increasing it as plants grow and begin producing tomatoes.

The set includes extra tees to allow expanding water coverage with additional Rain Bird drip devices (available separately). Maximum recommended length of tubing run from a single faucet: 33 ft.


Simple setup:

Download instructions


    Set includes:

    ¼" x 50 ft. Tubing

    ¾" FHT 25 psi Regulator

    ¾" Female Hose Thread x
    ¼ in. Drip Tubing Adapter

    1/4 " Barbed Drip Tee
    Bag of 10

    Full Circle Micro Bubbler
    Bag of 4

    More Information
    Model GSPTPDW
    Emission Device Type Bubbler
    Inlet Type Barb
    Operating Range

    Flow: 0 to 35 gph (0 to 132.48 l/h)

    Pressure: 15 to 30 psi (1.0 to 2.1 bar)


    Installation Instructions

    Sample Installation

    1. Insert one end of the 1/4" Tubing (A) into the Adapter (C).

    2. Screw the Adapter onto the Pressure Regulator (B), then onto the faucet.

    3. Run tubing to the first plant container and cut straight across with scissors.

    4. Push the tubing onto a side barb of a Tee (D), then cut and attach another tubing length to the center barb. 

    5. Extend tubing up into the center of the container and attach a Bubbler (E) to the free end of that tubing. Stake the bubbler near the base of your plant.

    6. Attach tubing to the remaining barb of the tee and run that tubing to the next container. Repeat connection of the container tubing and bubbler.

    7. Repeat for the 3rd and 4th container as needed.


    Suggested Watering Time Per Week

    Times shown are based on well composted potting soil with average consistency and drainage.
    TIP: Water in early morning or late evening when temperatures are coolest and the sun will not dry out the soil quickly.

    15 Min. – Small Container

    30 Min. – Medium Container

    60 Min. – Large Container

    Note: The bubbler in this example is adjusted to 6 gph. The goal is slow, deep watering for root development. Stop when water begins to seep out of the bottom holes in the container. Repeat when the top two inches of the soil are dry.

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