OPERIND - Drip System Operation Pop-Up Visual Indicator Kit

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Kit includes:

  • 6 in. Xeri-Pop spray head
  • Rain Bird VAN nozzle that has been adjusted for no flow
  • 16 in. of  Rain Bird XQ 1/4 in. distribution tubing
  • 1/4 in. connection barb
  • VAN Nozzle sold separately

Drip irrigation systems are a great way to save water, but sometimes it can be difficult to tell when they are running. The Rain Bird Drip System Operation Indicator Kit solves this problem by rising up to provide a clear visual signal that the drip system has reached 20 psi, indicating that the system is functioning and water is flowing.

If desired, you can also adjust the VAN nozzle (sold separately) to allow for water flow. This will create a wetting pattern that can be used as an additional indication that the system is running or has recently run.

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