Sprinkler system Service Kit - CPROTTOOL, PTC1 and HOLDUPTOOL

CPROTTOOL N89900 and 232693S

The perfect kit to run maintenance on your Rain Bird irrigation system.

  • The HOLDUPTOOL and bubble level makes proper rotor installation easier. Works with Rain Bird 5000 Series, 5500 Series, EAGLE 351B, Falcon 6504, 7005 and 8005 Series Rotors.
  • Our CPROTTOOL Flat blade screwdriver and pull-up tool "All in one" make the job easy to lift Rain Bird rotors including 3500, 5000, 5000 Plus, 5500, Falcon 6504, 7005, 8005, EAGLE 351B, 32SA, 42SA and 52SA series.
  • Use the PTC1 pull up tool for repairing and installing plastic pop-up sprinklers, the flat tipped handle used to lift case cap and to unscrew cap to case's female threaded vertical and horizontal inlet, it removes sprinkler head from base for cleaning or replacement. Corrosion-resistant.


The Perfect Kit to run maintenance on your Rain Bird Sprinkler System.

Ever noticed how difficult it is to change or install nozzles? This easy to use Kit allows you to pull the stem upwards and keep it from retracting. Once the spray head is installed in your system you can easily replace or install nozzles by using the Pull Up Tool.

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