LSP-1 Field Decoder Line Surge Protector

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  • The Rain Bird Decoder System 2-wire path must be properly surge protected and grounded. Doing so can help prevent damage to the decoders and irrigation system and also significantly reduce troubleshooting, repair time and expense. Failure to do so could result in system failure and voiding the warranty. 
  • An LSP-1 must be installed and grounded every 500 feet and at the end of a decoder wire Run. Resistance of the two-wire path to ground must be no greater than 50 Ohms.
  • Normal Spark over voltage: 230V 
  • Maximum Spark over voltage: 450V 
  • Maximum Current: 20kV
A technology long-since proven on golf courses around the world, Rain Bird decoders provide "best-in-class" field control on centrally controlled irrigation systems. Installed underground and featuring simple, low-cost wiring, decoders are an aesthetically pleasing, full-featured, economical option for reliable in-field control.
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