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Simply smart watering

Self-adjusting technology reduces water usage up to 30%.


  • ARC8 - 120V - 8-STATION
  • 8 Zones

Lawn Game Changer.

Product Bundles for every project


Our sprinkler starter kit comes with everything you need in one box and can be easily installed over the weekend.

Lawn Game Changer.

Saving you time,
money, and water.


  • ESP-TM2 + LNK WiFi.
  • Bundle: 12 Zone

Lawn Game Changer.

“It’s like having your own personal groundskeeper.“

John Scott, Techy Homeowner

Moisture Sensor

  • WR2RFC - WR2 Wireless Rain/Freeze
  • Sensor Combo

Design Services 

Service offered for United States and Canada

Only for Residential, maximum property size (240 x 300 ft)

Your yard. Our expertise.
Personalized plan is just a few simple
steps away.

We make it easy to plan your watering system. Take a few measurements and share some details about your yard to receive a customized plan prepared just for you by one of our team experts.

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