Bundle by Application: Flower Bed (Narrow Bed by a Structure Sparse planting)

X22000, X54001, X50000, X68040 and X33010

This convenient kit contains all of the parts and tools needed for quick water solution specially created for Flower Bed (Narrow Bed by a Structure Sparse planting).

  • Up to 60% water savings
  • Xeri-Bird 8 Manifold with PRS offers pressure regulation, filtration and controlled
    watering to multiple plants
  • Manifold allows for increase/decrease in future plant water demands


This bundle contains:

X22000    PRS-050-30 1/2" RETRO REG.    PRS05030    (2)
X54001    TS-025, XERI 1/4"TUBING STAKE    TS025WCAP    (16)
X50000    DBC-025 DIFFUSER BUG CAP    DBC025    (16)
X68040    XB10PC XERI BUG PC EMITTER    XB10PC    (16)
X33010    XQ 1/4" BLANK 100' COIL    XQ100    (1)


  • Flush the zone after installation and 2-4 times per year.
  • Install Xeri-Bug Emitters in Xeri-Bird 8 Outlet Manifold with self-piercing barb end up.
  • Leave 6” slack in 1/4” tubing next to manifold in case of unexpected maintenance.

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Model PRS05030, TS025WCAP, DBC025, XB10PC and XQ100
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