Bundle by Application: Flower Bed (Narrow Bed by a Structure dense planting)

X10307, X17001, X36372, X36373 and X47001

This convenient kit contains all of the parts and tools needed for quick water solution specially created for Flower Bed (Narrow Bed by a Structure dense planting)

  • Up to 60% water savings
  • No unsightly run off in high visibility areas
  • No damage to walls, entry way or cart paths from overspray
  • XF Dripline is easy to install, resulting in labor savings

This bundle includes:

X10307    XERI 100 PRF CNTRL ZONE    XCZ100PRF    (1)
X17001    1/2" AIR RELIEF VALVE 12    ARV050    (1)
X58050    6IN GALVANIZED TIE DOWN STAKE    TDS6050    (1)
X36372    17MM BARB X BARB ELBOW    XFFELBOW    (6)
X36373    17MM BARB X BARB X BARB TEE    XFFTEE    (1)
X47001    XFCV DRIPL .6 12" 250'    (1)

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More Information
Model XCZ100PRF, ARV050, XFFELBOW, XFFTEE and XFCV0612250
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