1804SAM - 4 in. 1800 Series SAM Spray Head - No Nozzle

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  • 4 in. 1800 Series pop-up spray head with Seal-A-Matic™ check valve
  • Designed for use with all Rain Bird plastic spray head nozzles
  • Traps water in lateral pipes in elevation changes of up to 14 feet (4,2 m)
  • Reduces wear on system components by minimizing water hammer during start-up
  • Prevents drainage from spray heads at lower elevations
  • Stops water waste
  • Ends landscape damage due to flooding and/or erosion
  • Nozzle Type: No Nozzle Included
  • Pop-up Height: 4 in

Rain Bird® 1800-SAM Series Spray Heads are ideal for use in areas with changing elevations. The built-in Seal-A-Matic™ (SAM) check valve saves water by eliminating low head drainage from spray heads located at the base of slopes or hillsides.

Trusted for over 30 years, 1800 Series Spray Heads have provided unmatched durability, reliability, and performance. Superior components and features make the 1800 Series Spray Head the spray head of choice for a wide variety of applications.

Additional features:

  • Built-in Seal-A-Matic™ (SAM) check valve. Eliminates the need for under-the-head check valves. No parts to be installed at the site.
  • Even stronger retract spring to accommodate elevation changes up to 14 feet (4,2 m). One of the strongest springs in the industry.
  • Co-molded, pressure-activated, multi-functional wiper seal assures positive seal without excess “flow-by” which enables more heads to be installed on the same valve.
  • All sprinkler components are removable from the top without special tools, providing for quick and easy flushing and
    maintenance of the sprinkler.
  • Constructed of time-proven UV-resistant plastic and corrosion resistant stainless steel parts, assuring long product life.
  • “SAM” stamped on cap for easy identification and maintenance.
More Information
Model 1804SAM
Nozzle Type No Nozzle Included
Spray Head Series 1800 Series

Body height: 6" (15 cm)
Exposed surface diameter: 2 1/4" (5,7 cm) 

Pop-up Height 4 in
Features SAM Seal-A-Matic Checkvalve

Spacing: 3 to 20 feet (0,9 to 6,1 m)
Pressure: 25 to 70 psi (1,7 to 4,8 Bars)
SAM capability: holds up to 14 feet (4,2 m) of head; 6 psi (0,3 bar)
Flow-by: 0 at 8 psi (0,6 bar) or greater; 0.50 GPM (0,11 m 3/h; 0,03 l/s) otherwise

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