Root Booster STRIPS

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Excellent solution for annual plants like flowers, tomatoes and other vegetables. 
Mix into the soil close to the roots to enhance irrigation and substrate permeability. 

Water Stewardship
• Assists with adapting to water restrictions in times of drought.
• Use of this product is an approach to respect water restrictions while maintaining the health of plants, trees, and turf. 
• Reduces water consumption considerably by transporting water directly to the roots without evaporation.

Higher survival rate
• Helps plants and trees through the establishment period.

• With biodegradable and permanent options available. Environmentally conscious.

Time Savings

• Retains moisture extending watering intervals, so you may water half as often.

Consistent volume
• Holds moisture in containers without swelling out of the space.

Root friendly
• Roots grow freely around the product.

Easy to install
• Light weight makes for easy transport.

Introducing Root Booster STRIPS, the underground water storage solution designed to enhance soil permeability. STRIPS are specifically crafted to be mixed into the soil near the roots and vegetation, providing exceptional support for irrigation, improving substrate permeability, and preventing compaction. Enjoy the benefits of a more aerated soil that ensures your plants receive the optimal supply of water and air they need to thrive. With their lightweight design, Root Booster STRIPS are the perfect choice for creating a healthier and more nourishing environment for your plants.


  • Simply mix STRIPS into the soil.  The following guidelines can be used:
    For planters and containers, 5-gallon bag of STRIPS is sufficient for use with up to 100 gallons of soil (ratio 1:20).  
  • Mix in more STRIPS for small pots, and a little less on a percentage basis for larger pots.
    A 5-gallon bag of STRIPS will support 1 large tree or 2 smaller trees.
    For use under turf on a lawn or sports field, the 5-gallon bag will cover 200 - 400 ft², assuming you will have about 4 inches of soil.
    As greater concentrations are recommended for green roofs, the 5-gallon bag will cover 100 - 200 ft² in this application.


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