Rain Bird 702E 80 PSI Series Full Circle SAM/Hydraulic Golf Rotor, ACME, 32 Blue Nozzle

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Full circle SAM/Hydraulic golf rotor

The sprinkler shall have a black, one-piece, encapsulated, 24 VAC 50/60-cycle GBS-25 solenoid assembly that will actuate normally-closed control valve in the base of the sprinkler case. The GBS-25 shall include solid-state electronic circuitry and epoxy potted in a sturdy plastic case suitable for direct burial. Each GBS-25 solenoid shall be located directly on the solenoid mounting threads on the side of the sprinkler case. The plunger and spring shall be contained within the solenoid assembly and protected by integrated filtration and not disturbed when servicing the solenoid. The solenoid shall be rated for 25,000 Volts and 10,000 Amps.

The GBS-25 solenoid shall be capable of operation with satellite or decoder control systems without changing the solenoid.

The sprinkler shall have a built-in pressure regulator that will be factory-preset to 70 or 80 psi (4.8 or 5.5 bars) as specified. The pressure setting, as set in the factory, will be identified by color-coding on the top of the regulator. The pressure regulator shall be manufactured so it may be adjusted from the top of the case using a small flat-blade screwdriver to facilitate easy adjustment and precision operation to accommodate field applications. The top-serviceable selector will allow the sprinkler to be operated in three different operational modes: Manual “ON” mode utilizing an electrical bypass, Automatic “AUTO” mode for operation with an electrical input or “OFF” mode which manually shuts off the valve actuator entirely. The selector shall be adjustable from AUTO to OFF without activating the sprinkler.

The sprinkler case shall be designed to operate at a maximum pressure of 150 psi (10.3 bars) and capable of burst pressures up to 500 psi (34.4 bars). The sprinkler case shall have a top diameter of 6.25" (15.8 cm) and an overall height of 12.0” (30.4 cm).  The case shall have a double-wall construction female 1.25” (3.2 cm) ACME bottom inlet.

A removable and replaceable Integrated Top Serviceable Rock Screen and Valve Seat shall be serviceable through the top of the rotor. When in operation the pilot valve will vent all discharge water back to the case through a pilot tube, preventing external water from accumulating around the rotor or pilot valve assembly. A rolling-diaphragm bottom valve shall be supplied to ensure long valve life with high reliability. The valve shall be retained with dual snap rings for enhanced safety and have a rubber seat and universal pilot filter assembly that shall be fully replaceable.

More Information
Coverage Arc Full Circle 360°
Inlet Threads 1.25 in ACME Female Threaded
Body/Valve E - Electric
Pressure Regulator 80 psi
Coverage Radius 56 ft to 79 ft
Pressure Range

Maximum Inlet Pressure: 150 psi (10.3 bars)

  • Body Height: 12.0” (30.5cm)
  • Pop-Up Height to Mid-Nozzle: 2.6” (6.6 cm)
  • Top Diameter: 6.25” (15.9cm)
  • Nozzle Trajectory:
    • Standard:25°
    • Wind Tolerant: 12°
  • Rotation Time: 360° in ≤ 180 seconds; 160 seconds nominally
  • Maximum Stream Height:
    • Standard: 17’ (5.2m)
    • Wind Tolerant: 10’ (3.1m)
  • Solenoid:
    • 24 VAC solenoid power requirement: 0.41 amp inrush current (9.8 VA); 60 Hz: 0.20 amp holding current (4.8 VA); 50 Hz: 0.23 amp holding current (5.4 VA)
  • Surge Resistance: 25kV standard on electric models
  • Special Features:
    • Self-Adjusting Stator
    • Optional Sod Cup
70X/75X Nozzle 32 Blue Nozzle
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