Xeri-Bug 2.0 GPH with a Check Valve, 10-32 Threaded Inlet

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Xeri-Bug™ with Check Valve (XBCV) is a pressure-compensating emitter that’s the ideal choice for irrigation applications that want to conserve water. XBCV prevents drainage by holding back 10 feet (3 m) of water — the highest in the industry. It’s a smart solution for slopes, elevated zones, potted plants and more.

Efficient Water Usage

  • With 10 feet (3 m) of hold-back power, XBCV eliminates low-point drainage and provides uniform irrigation throughout the zone.
  • Strong check-valve protection helps conserve water by eliminating low-point drainage and flooding.
  • In a zone that has a 10-foot (3 m) elevation change, only one zone is needed for the XBCV. Fewer zones allow you to save money on valves and time on installation.

Holds Prime in the Line

  • Designed to hold prime in the line, these emitters immediately begin irrigation and reduce cycle times.
  • By holding prime when the system is turned off, XBCV prevents particles from clogging the emitter—a problem when a system drains and siphons soiled water.
  • Holding prime in the line reduces calcium build-up and extends the life of the emitter.

All-in-One Design

  • With its comprehensive capabilities, the XBCV can be taken to any jobsite. It’s the only emitter you need to stock, carry and install, simplifying point-source drip jobs.

Pressure Compensating

  • A pressure-compensating design offers a consistent flow from 15 to 50 psi (1.0 to 3.5 bar).
  • XBCV delivers the same amount of water from the first emitter in the line to the last.

Self Cleaning

  • A self-flushing action cleans the emitters every time the system turns on and off, reducing maintenance and extending the life of the emitter.

Risers and Adapters

  • Models with 10-32 threaded ends can quickly connect to risers or adapters.

Compact Design

  • With a diameter less than a dime, the emitter is unobtrusive and easily hidden
More Information
Model XBCV20PC1032
Emission Device Type Single-outlet Emitter
Inlet Type 10-32 Threaded
Flow Rate 2.0 gph
Operating Range

Opening Pressure: 15 psi (1.0 bar)

Pressure: 15 to 50 psi (1.0 to 3.5 bar)

Filtration Requirement: 150 mesh (75 micron)


The Xeri-Bug™ with Check Valve (XBCV) shall have a 4.3 psi (0.3 bar) check valve that will hold back 10 feet (3 m) of water.

They require filtration of 150 mesh (75 micron).

They shall be pressure compensating.

The models shall flow at 0.5 gph (1.9 lph), 1.0 gph (3.8 lph), and 2.0 gph (7.6 lph) when inlet pressure is between 15 to 50 psi (1.0 to 3.5 bar).

The XBCV emitters shall be manufactured by Rain Bird Corporation in Azusa, California

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