SW10-30PK - 1.0 GPH Spot Watering Emitters - Bag of 30

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  • Rain Bird SW10-30PS Drip Irrigation Spot Watering Dripper/Emitter, 1 Gallon Per Hour.
  • 30 Pack.
  • 1.0 gallon per hour pressure-compensating emitter delivers same uniform flow rate from beginning to end of tubing runs.
  • Slow watering rate allows soil to absorb water more completely in the root zones of plants.
  • Self-piercing design; use in-line with 1/4" Drip tubing or insert into 1/2" or larger Drip tubing.
  • Large water passages and self-flushing action help prevent clogging.
  • Constructed of highly durable UV and chemical-resistant materials to assure long life.
  • Black color.
  • Also available with other watering rates to allow customizing flow to different plant types and sizes.
  • Total Satisfaction Policy.

Drip Watering Guide

Rain Bird Drip Irrigation Spot Watering Dripper/Emitter, 1.0 Gallon Per Hour. This robust pressure-compensating emitter provides a medium 1.0 gallon-per-hour flow rate. Ideal for watering root zones of garden and landscape plants, shrubs, and container plantings.

Rain Bird's pressure-compensating design ensures all plants receive the desired watering rate regardless of their position along the distribution tubing run. Uniform flow is delivered throughout a wide pressure range from 15 to 50 PSI. Barbed ends securely retain 1⁄4" Drip tubing for a leak-proof connection.

Self-piercing barb allows for direct insertion into the side of 1/2" or larger drip irrigation tubing, or in-line use with 1/4" tubing for positioning near individual plants. Designed with large water passages to help prevent clogging. Constructed of highly durable UV and chemical-resistant materials to withstand adverse conditions. Rain Bird emitters are color coded to easily identify flow rate.

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More Information
Model SW10-30PK
Emission Device Type Single-outlet Emitter
Inlet Type Barb
Flow Rate 1.0 gph
Operating Range
  • Pressure: 15 to 50 psi (1.0 to 3.5 bar)
  • Required filtration: 150 to 200 mesh (75 to 100 micron)
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