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Metropolitan Water District of Southern California - 2015 Rebate Program

Instant Drought Relief - Save water and money in 2015 with great rebates from your local water agency.

California is facing record low water levels in 2015. To encourage water conversation, the Metropolitan Water District is rewarding consumers with incredible rebates on multiple water-saving products. Save money and do your part to conserve water by upgrading or adding to your current irrigation system today!

Rain Bird offers the most complete line of high-efficiency products on the SoCal Water$mart program. They are designed to maximize water savings in any landscape. From high efficiency sprinkler nozzles to smart controllers, Rain Bird has the products that can save you water and money.

You may be eligible for even higher rebates from your local water agency. 
Use this online calculator from MWD to estimate your rebate amount. 

Estimate your rebate

Step 1: Buy Eligible Products

High Efficiency Nozzles

Up to $4 back per nozzle, minimum of 15 nozzles required for rebate

HE-VAN High Efficiency
Variable Arc Nozzles

$1.69 ea
(after rebate)

Dual Spray Nozzles

$1.69 ea
(after rebate)

R-VAN Variable Arc
Rotary Nozzles

$8.25 ea
$4.25 ea
(after rebate)

Fixed Pattern
Rotary Nozzles

$7.00 ea
$3.00 ea
(after rebate)

Smart Controllers & Soil Moisture Sensors

Rebates start at $80 or $35/station for large residential sites

ESP-SMTe Weather-Based 
Smart Irrigation Controller

$80 or $35/station rebate
(depending on size of your yard)

ESP-SMTe Upgrade Kit for 
ESP-M and ESP-Me

$80 or $35/station rebate
(depending on size of your yard)



Soil Moisture Sensor

$80 or $35/station rebate
(depending on size of your yard)



Step 2: Claim your rebate

Go to http://socalwatersmart.com to get your rebate from your local water agency.


Important Information:

  • The 2015-2016 program year ends on June 30, 2016.
  • Only one rebate application per product category, per customer.
  • Required documentation must be postmarked within 60 days of submission confirmation; this includes a copy of your water bill, sales receipt and a signed rebate application confirmation page.
  • Rebate amounts vary by participating water agency and are subject to change without notice.

Visit http://socalwatersmart.com for complete details, terms and conditions.

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