Drip Irrigation Basics: Selecting Spot Watering Devices

Wondering how to get started with low volume drip irrigation in your yard or garden? This video guide will help you understand the different types of drip watering products available and how to choose the right one for your plants.  Learn about spot watering emitters, micro bubblers and adjustable micro sprays, along with tips to help you water container plants, ground cover and vegetable rows.

Drip irrigation puts small amounts of water right at the root zone, helping to keep plants healthy and vibrant while reducing runoff, overspray and weeds.  A typical drip system can also cut your water use by 50% or more!

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Rain Bird Landscape Drip Application GuideFor more detailed information about the entire Rain Bird Drip product line and suggested applications, please download the Rain Bird Landscape Drip Application Guide (PDF: 17MB).

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