18RNFPRO - 13-18 ft. Rotary Nozzle - Full Pattern

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  • Compatible with 1804,1806,1812 Rain Bird spray bodies, 1/2" risers and adapters.
  • The Rain Bird 18RNFPRO high efficiency rotary nozzle offers water savings of up to 30% over a standard pop-up spray nozzle.
  • It covers a distance from 13-18 feet with a 360 degree full watering pattern.
  • Rotating streams of large water droplets reduce runoff and provide uniform coverage, even in windy conditions.
  • The 18RNFPRO can replace your current pop-up full pattern spray nozzles to start saving water.
  • To clear debris that may block part of the nozzle simply pull up the nozzle while water is running, and the debris will be flushed out.

* Not compatible with 1802 and 1803 Rain Bird spray bodies*

  • Nozzle Pattern: Full circle

More Information

More Information
Model 18RNFPRO
Nozzle Pattern Full circle
Nozzle Series Rotary
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