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XFD Pressure Compensating Flexible Dripline - 100' Coil

Rain Bird’s XFD Dripline is the most flexible, kink-resistant, pressure-compensating inline emitter tubing available. Ideal for irrigating ground cover, dense plantings, flowerbeds and hedges, it is perfect for small, narrow and tight planting areas, as well as areas with tight curves or switchbacks.
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  • Reliable – Clog-resistant design ensures that water will keep flowing to your plants
  • Flexible – Rain Bird’s proprietary blend provides industry leading flexibility allowing for tighter turns with fewer elbows for fast and easy installation
  • Durable – Dual-layered tubing provides unmatched resistance to chemicals, UV damage and algae growth
  • Efficient – Low profile emitter design results in reduced friction loss, allowing longer lateral runs and more cost-effective system design


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