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XF Fittings Combo Pack

A combo pack of Rain Bird's most popular XF 17mm insert fittings, including 2 elbows, 5 tees and 5 couplings, plus a Rain Bird XF Fitting Insertion Tool.

Clearance special, limited quantities available.

Regular Price: $7.51
Your Price: $1.99
You Save: $5.52 (74%)


XF 17mm Insert Fittings
  • Includes 2 elbow, 5 tee and 5 coupling fittings
  • High quality barbs grab tubing for a secure fit.
  • Unique barb design to reduce insertion force and still retain a secure fit.
  • Non-obtrusive colored fittings to complement natural earth tones.
XF Insertion Tool
  • 50% less effort required to install fittings than without a tool*
  • Firmly locks fittings into place while inserting the Dripline
  • Solid grip and comfortable fit in hand
  • Tool helps widen the dripline opening to make the fitting insertion easier


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