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UT-1 Replacement Universal Transformer

The Rain Bird UT-1 Universal Transformer is a 24-Volt replacement transformer for most Rain Bird indoor residential sprinkler timers. Replacement for transformers with output of 650mA or less. Suitable only for indoor use.
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The UT-1 Transformer is compatible with these Rain Bird timer models:

  • SST Indoor: SST-400i, SST-600i, SST-900i
  • STPi Indoor: STP4i, STP6i, STP9i
  • E-Class: E4, E6 & E9
  • ISB-409
  • ISA-304, ISA-406, ISA-408
  • PC-306, PC-406, PC-406ps, PC-504 & PC-506
  • ISM4-RS, ISM6-RS & ISM9-RS
No tools required for installation. For indoor use only.


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