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Waterproof Wire Connectors

Our wire connectors feature an easy to use, one-step installation to ensure a solid connection.  Simply insert the wires and twist! Includes 10 connectors per package.

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Rain Bird Waterproof Wire Connectors are ideal for ensuring long lasting connections of valve and controller wires, even under wet conditions.  The connectors are filled with silicone gel, so there’s no mess or hassle with a grease tube.  In addition, our durable connectors are protected with UV resistant materials and can withstand a 600 volt surge.


Important: Turn off power before installing or removing connector. Product to be used in accordance with local and national codes.

  • Strip #22 - 18 wires 1/2" (12.7 mm) and #16 - 12 wires 3/8" (9.5 mm).
  • Align any frayed strands or conductors.
  • Pre-twisting unnecessary. Place stripped wires together with ends of insulation even.
  • Twist connector onto wires pushing firmly until hand-tight. Do not over torque.
  • Wipe sealant in and around conductors and connector opening while tightening. Do not reuse.


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