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NT Series 6" Micro Pop-Up Sprayhead - 5 Pack

The water efficiency of low volume. The trenchless installation of drip. The proven reliability of a spray head. New Rain Bird® NT Series 6 inch Micro Pop-Ups offer the best of all worlds, so you can dramatically reduce installation time and conserve water. The NT comes prenozzled with a 5H half pattern 5' radius Micro-Spray Nozzle and accepts a full range of micro-spray and micro-stream nozzle patterns. With built-in barb fittings, the NT Series installs quickly using Rain Bird® XF Series Drip Tubing.  

5 Pack bundle includes 2 free NT Series Micro-Spray Nozzle Trees.
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High Performance

Perfect for meeting irrigation restrictions, the NT Series qualifies as a micro-irrigation device with a maximum nozzle flow rate of up to 30 gallons per hour. By distributing water above plants, the NT Series efficiently delivers water to the intended target. The low nozzle trajectory minimizes water drift in windy conditions.

The in-stem nozzle flow and radius adjustment mechanism allows you to easily reduce the nozzle flow and trim the nozzle pattern to the desired distance with a flathead screwdriver.

Quick and Easy Installation

With no trenching or cutting and gluing of pipe, the NT Series is up to 70 percent faster to install when compared to traditional spray head systems.

Each Micro Pop-Up has patent-pending barb fittings molded into the body that accept Rain Bird® XF Series Drip Tubing, so there is no need to bother with PVC pipe and fittings.

Patent-pending stabilizer ribs molded on the outside of the NT Series body keep the unit securely in place within the soil.



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