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HE-VAN Series Nozzle (6 to 15 feet)

With more uniform coverage and superior close-in watering, HE-VAN nozzles can increase water efficiency and shorten run times. These nozzles are fully adjustable from 0° to 360°, delivering maximum flexibility to water landscapes of all shapes and sizes with superior close-in watering and uniform coverage across the entire spray pattern. 

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More Uniform Coverage

Patent pending Flow Control Technology delivers superior close-in watering and uniform coverage across the entire spray pattern. Rain Bird HE-VAN Nozzles achieve greater than a 70% average DULQ—more than a 40% improvement over existing variable arc nozzles.

Shorter Run Times

Meet tight watering windows with ease. When compared with competitive nozzles, HE-VANs dramatically reduce zone run times. In addition to water savings, your customers will conserve energy and reduce system wear and tear.

Maximum Flexibility

With full adjustability from 0° to 360°, you’ll be able to efficiently water landscapes of all shapes, while saving time and stocking fewer nozzles. Matched precipitation rates allow you to install Rain Bird® HE-VAN, MPR and U-Series Nozzles on the same zone.



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