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ASVF-100 Anti-Siphon 1" FPT Threads

Professional-grade anti-siphon valve with our patented vacuum breaker for automatic or manual applications. Available in 1 FPT threads."
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Rain Bird manufactures only the highest quality Anti- Siphon valves. Use Anti-Siphon valves in locations where the use of a pressure vacuum breaker (PVB) or doublecheck valve is not required by city codes. Check your local city codes to determine what type of valves are required. Anti-Siphon valves are installed above ground and will prevent back flow if properly installed. Anti-Siphon valves should always be installed at least 6? above the highest head on the valve line, and should never have another valve installed further down the line from the main valve. Our Anti-Siphon valves also feature our patented vacuum breaker?available for automatic or manual applications. All of our Anti-Siphon valves work with any standard sprinkler timer.

Features and Benefits:

  • Combination Electric Remote Control Valve and Atmospheric Backflow Preventer in one unit.
  • Meets I.A.P.M.O. and A.S.S.E. listing specifications.
  • Easy-to-turn, pressure assisted flow control mechanism.
  • Buna-N diaphragm with water filter and captive spring.
  • Energy-efficient, low-power encapsulated solenoid with captured plunger.
  • External bleed to manually flush system of dirt and debris during installation and system start up.
  • Spray-free internal bleed for manual operation.
  • Heavy-duty construction with stainless steel screws.


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