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Solenoid Repair Kit for the APAS ASVF CP CPF valves

SRK for the APAS/ASVF/ECV/CP/CPF valves.
Please note the APAS075/100 valve has been discontinued. This solenoid is to replace the updated version solenoid that is a hexagon shape with smooth edges.
If you have the older round version solenoid with ridges, this will not work.

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Solenoid Repair Kit: Solenoid Replacement Repair Kit for the APAS/ECV/CP/CPF valves.
For Black Valve - Newer Models and newer gray style valve

*Older style B60587 or B60592 no longer available.

*Needs 1 diameter to fit on bonnet

*Please note that the 145235 Piston and actuator assembly is no longer available



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