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Rotary Nozzles 17 - 24' Radius

Rain Bird Rotary Nozzles are multi-streamed rotational sprays that fit on any Rain Bird spray body or other 1/2" male threaded spray body.  Available in quarter, half and full circle patterns, Rotary Nozzles require 60% less flow and offer up to 30% water savings. Distribution uniformity, precipitation rate and run times are similar to rotor sprinklers.  

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Rotary Nozzles deliver gentle, visually appealing streams of water at a lower rate allowing the water and nutrients to penetrate the soil, which helps you maintain a healthy landscape. Ideal for slopes and hillsides, Rotary Nozzles’ highly-efficient water delivery reduces soil erosion and runoff, saving water and money. Rotary Nozzles are the perfect solution if you experience low water pressure. They are designed to operate at lower pressure while still delivering precise, even coverage.



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