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Irrigator's Tool Kit

Get special savings on this collection of our most popular and useful tools.  This bundle includes a Spray Head Pull-up Tool, Rotor Hold-up Tool with Bubble Level, XF Drip Fittings Insertion Tool, Drip Emitter Installation Tool, a Rotor Screwdriver/Pull-up Tool and a professional grade Tubing Cutter.

Retail value: $62.78

Buy together and save: $22.90
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Spray Head Pull-up Tool
  • Use for repairing and installing plastic pop-up sprinklers.
  • Allows you to pull the stem upwards and keep it from retracting
  • Simplifies nozzle cleaning and replacement
  • Corrosion-resistant
Rotor Hold-up Tool with Bubble Level
  • Holds up rotor stem to make installation and adjustment easier
  • Fits all Rain Bird 5000, 42SA and 52SA series rotors
  • Includes bubble level to help with proper installation
XF Drip Fittings Insertion Tool
  • 50% less effort required to install fittings than without a tool
  • Firmly locks fittings into place while inserting the Dripline
  • Tool helps widen the dripline opening to make fitting insertion easier
Drip Emitter Installation Tool
  • Multi-function tool simplifies adding or removing Spot Watering Emitters, 1/4" Fittings and Tubing Plugs.
Rotor Screwdriver/Pull-up Tool
  • Flat blade screwdriver and rotor pull-up tool
  • Use to adjust rotor radius and flow
  • Makes it easy to pull up rotors for adjustment
Tubing Cutter
  • Re-designed Xerigation Tubing Cutter allows for easier and cleaner cuts of all low-volume tubing
  • Unique design provides two different-sized wells (one for 1/2 - 3/4" tubing and one for 1/4" tubing
  • Replacement blades available


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