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RWS Supplemental - Root Watering System for shrubs

Just the right size for shrubs, Rain Bird’s RWS-S Supplemental Root Watering System enables vital water, oxygen, and nutrients to bypass compacted soil and directly reach shrub root systems. The RWS-S protects your shrub investment, provides watering efficiency and encourages deep root growth and plant development. Optional check valve helps to prevent over watering when installed on slopes or hills.
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Shrub Investment Protection

In a typical transplant project, as many as 20% of shrubs do not survive beyond two years. Over 50% of newly planted shrub mortality is due to water and nutrient stress. Rain Bird’s RWS-S provides subsurface irrigation and aeration designed to prevent shrub transplant shock. It allows the roots to grow deeper and broader resulting in greater stability, higher survival rates and long-term healthier growth.

Watering Efficiency

Subsurface, deep root watering and aeration ensures tree health and promotes accelerated growth. Subsurface watering is intelligent irrigation. RWS-S minimizes the total water volume required to irrigate shrubs, reducing water loss due to evaporation, wind and edge control losses.

Landscape Aesthetics

The RWS-S helps prevent shallow root growth by minimizing water run-off and damage to hardscapes. The aesthetically designed subsurface bubbler is contained with the RWS-S tube. The below-grade installation contributes to a safer and more reliable installation -no one is tripping over or breaking above-ground irrigation hardware. The below-grade installation promotes a landscape’s natural appearance.



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