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Sprinkler System Design Service
Providing you with professional advice and planning assistance direct from the industry's leading manufacturer, this comprehensive sprinkler design service covers all the bases with a complete set of sprinkler system plans to help you install your Rain Bird irrigation system with confidence. Your computer drawn design package includes an itemized shopping list of everything you need to complete the project. And if you have a question before, during or after installation, call our Expert Advice hotline at 1-800-RAINBIRD.

Note: The Rain Bird Design Service is available in the US and Canada only.
Additional fees may apply in certain states/provinces

What You Provide To Rain Bird

H2O Serivce

Using this Design Service first involves gathering some important information about your water system and yard. Take a few simple measurements and record the information on the design request worksheet. You will be asked to provide: Water available for your irrigation system (water pressure, meter size, service line size) and a sketch and accurate dimensions of your property (using graph paper included in the design request form).

What You Get Back

H2O Serivce

You will receive a detailed, computer-drawn plan specifying the location of irrigation system components such as valves, lines and sprinklers.

Sample sprinkler design plansSpray patterns for each sprinkler head are also identified for each lawn area. In addition, the design package provides you with a shopping list of supplies needed to complete your installation.

Enhanced services include additional items listed below.

Option 1: Email Service

H2O Serivce

Your system design will be delivered to you via email in Adobe® Acrobat (PDF) format with 10 business days.
Sample Design Service Plan (PDF: 1.1 MB).

Option 2: Standard Service

H2O Serivce

For a small additional fee, you'll get your printed system design and installation guide shipped within 5-7 business days.

Option 3: Rain Bird Rapid Response Service

H2O Serivce H2O Serivce

Your printed system design, installation guide and installation DVD will be shipped within 2 business days. (Additional fee applies).

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